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Whittling box. 2 chamber box. Milkpainted box. Slojd box

Whittling box. 2 chamber box. Milkpainted box. Slojd box

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Keep your carving tools safe.
Small two-chamber whittling box made out of layered wood, painted with milk paint.

The construction is glued mortise and tenons. ensuring quality joints that make box strong, durable, and will last.
Handpainted with food-safe milk paints.
Finished with beeswax.
Rustic look.

It has a sliding lid that had a bit of a friction tight fit so it will stay closed.

it's hard to say which tools will fit, but I can fit 2 of my carving tools easy and 4 with a bit of fiddling.

Inner chamber dimensions (one chamber): 220mm x40mm x40mm
Outer dimensions: 245mm x95mm x55mm

The length of it is the same as the width of A4 paper or US letter paper. You can place your tool on the paper to test if it will fit.
The last three photos are examples of size and other models that I offer.

If you want a custom box or custom paint job or maybe no paint that is possible too, feel free to contact me.

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