I ship worldwide

I offer a few different shipping options. Tracking number will be provided for each package.

Europe zone DPD or GLS fast: (around 3-10 days delivery)
0kg–2kg €15.00
2kg–5kg €20.00
5kg–10kg €25.00
10kg–20kg €30.00
20kg–30kg €35.00
30kg–40kg €50.00

Everywhere else DHL express: (around 5-15 days delivery)
0kg–0.5kg €25.00
0.5kg–1kg €30.00
1kg–2kg €35.00
2kg–5kg €50.00
5kg–10kg €90.00

Standart state Post (around 20-60 days delivery)

0kg–0.25kg €10.00
0.25kg–0.5kg €12.00
0.5kg–1kg €17
1kg–2kg €28

Standart state Post is also an option for worldwide and is the slowest and least reliable, but it's the cheapest.