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Slojd blade 85mm, Stainless AEB-L steel. Whittling knife

Slojd blade 85mm, Stainless AEB-L steel. Whittling knife

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Carving blade made from very tough and hard stainless steel AEB-L from Alleima (Sandvik)
The blade is decorated with nature-inspired plant engraving

The blade is filed and sanded, heat-treated (normalized, annealed, quenched, LN2 freezed and tempered twice)
Bevels on the blade are high flat ground (Scandi grind) V, meaning there is no second bevel.

The knife is great for carving spoons, kuksas, bowls, and so on...
A knife is shaving sharp and mirror-polished.
The spine is rounded and polished for comfort

The blade comes stored safely in a beech wooden box.
Before gluing degrease the tang.

blade total: ≈ 160mm (tang 60mm, blade 100mm)
included angle: 26°
blade thickness ≈ 3.5mm
Blade steel: AEB-L stainless steel Hardness: ≈ 61 HRC

WHY stainless steel:
Due to the upgraded process and heat-treating equipment, I started using stainless steel. Started with Aebl and similar steels in my kitchen knives series and after good use in my kitchen I quickly grew fond of them. CATRA edge retention tests performed by Dr. Larrin Thomas show that AEB-L outperforms 52100/100Cr6 in the edge retention test. Because the steel is stainless it keeps the edge corrosion to a minimum which really shows while working greenwood. The ease of sharpening is almost the same as my most popular 100Cr6. For more technical info check the last 2 photos.

The price is for one knife!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me
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