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Roman anvil, Made to order, Jewelers anvil, Full size replica, dating 200AD

Roman anvil, Made to order, Jewelers anvil, Full size replica, dating 200AD

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Roman anvil found in Czechoslovakia dating 200AD.
These types of anvil were usually fastened in the stump, that's why they are usually referred to the stump anvils.
Because of their weight and size, they were presumably used by traveling craftsmen, army, or in small villas workshops for repairs and small forge work.

I decided to make custom listings for tools that I haven't tried making yet but I would love to.
These listing are more or less support, so I can make tools that are not so common and are really unique.

I will discuss materials, finishes, dimensions with you, a customer, but the main idea is:
Forged anvil from modern mono-steel like 42CrMo4. Heat-treated with a forged finish and a satin-finished working face.

Can be made with a wrought iron body with forge-welded carbon steel for the face. All cleaned up and then etched to bring out the patterns. (It can be fire etched or normal etched)
The price for such material will be much higher (expect twice as much) as much more labor and expensive materials go into making.

Dimensions will be scaled according to the weight 1kg, 2kg or 3kg.
It is custom work so 1-3 months waiting to complete should be expected

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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