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NAKIRI, kitchen knife, AEB-L stainless

NAKIRI, kitchen knife, AEB-L stainless

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Handforged kitchen knife made in my little studio.


The Nakiri is a double-bevel-edged knife with a thin blade profile and popular throughout Japan, it is mainly used by home cooks for quickly and efficiently chopping, slicing, and mincing vegetables, and fruits, becoming popular knife among vegetarians.

Because of the straight cutting-edge spine does not tapers, the knife is a bit more front-heavy. The thin grind means it will cut most of the veggies and meat super easily (won't wedge), but should not do deboning, cutting through bones or harder shells, different grind should be done for that. It feels like a laser cutting through stuff with almost no resistance.


The handle is multi color-stabilized spalted birch, stabilized by me. The spacer is stainless steel. It's octagonally shaped. The finish is a mat (mixture of oils and waxes)

Intended use:
-mincing, dicing, and slicing

Overall length: 31 cm (12.2")
Blade length: 18 cm (7")
Handle length: 11 cm (4.3")
Spine thickness: 3mm down to 2.5mm
Weight: 233grams (8.2 ounces)
Grind: Hollow grind
Steel: AEB-L
Hardness: around 61 HRC
Ballance point: 4cm from the handle towards the tip.

If you are interested in a sheath for it, that is possible too. A wooden (Saya) or leather sheath is an option.

I do offer lifetime sharpening. You send it back to me, I will also refresh (reoil, re-etch, re-sharp, etc.) the knife when back at the workshop.

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