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Heavy iron mug, MADE TO ORDER, Organic beer mug

Heavy iron mug, MADE TO ORDER, Organic beer mug

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Hand-forged heavy mug.

I have made this listing as I get questions about it daily. Hope I'll answer some questions here.

The mug is split and carved out of cherry wood. then is left for a few months to a year to dry well.
After the sides are dry the bottom is carefully made to fit inside the inner notch.
The outer notches are carved, upper and bottom rings are forged and fitted on the mug.
The handle is forged and pinned on the forged rings, Everything is cleaned and then sealed with natural food safe oils and beeswax.
Each mug will be different as it's very organic and it follows the shape of the wood, so each mug will be totally unique. When completed I will send you pictures of the finished product.
The mug is pretty heavy as its made from solid wood and thick iron. The one on the pictures is 1.2kg (2.6pounds)

I will do my best at sealing it, but leaks might develop in different weather condition as wood is natural material which shrinks and expands.
Strong spirits or very hot beverages will melt away the sealing (beeswax), so try to keep those to a minimum. The beeswax has its taste so the beverages might taste a bit like it, especially when left in the mug for a longer period.

All the materials are gathered locally, wood is cut in our woods, beeswax is taken from our beehives and iron is salvaged from other items.

It is custom work so few months waiting to complete should be expected.


Height: 18cm
Beverage capacity: 0,5l to 0,7l depends on the wood and design.
Weight only mug: around 1kg or 2.2pounds

If you have any questions or would you like a custom work please feel free to contact me!

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