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Forged blaksmith chef knife, kitchen knife, Farmhouse knife

Forged blaksmith chef knife, kitchen knife, Farmhouse knife

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Designed and forged by me in my little blacksmith shop.
Kitchen chef's knife with a forged handle.

The loop is for easier handling and can be used for hanging (check the forged S-hooks in my shop).
It's finished with a satin finish. The knife is heat-treated and it's very sharp (shaves)

The blade is really thin. Spine tapers from 3mm to 1.5mm towards the tip. This means it will cut most of the veggies and meat super easily, but should not do deboning, cutting through bones or harder shells, different grind should be done for that. It feels like a laser cutting through stuff with almost no resistance.

Overall length: 27 cm (10.6")
Blade length: 16 cm (6.2")
Handle length: 11 cm (4.3")
Blade thickness: 3.5mm at the handle, 2.5 in the middle, 1.5mm a few cm from the tip, and then evenly thining down toward the tip.
Weight: 181grams (6.38ounces)
Grind: S-grind (big radius hollow)
Steel: 51CrV4

If you are interested in a sheath for it, that is possible too. A wooden or vegetable leather sheath is the option.

I do offer lifetime sharpening. You send it back to me, I will also refresh (reoil, re-etch, re-sharp, etc.) the knife when back at the workshop.

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