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Chef's knife, Flat grind GYUTO, kitchen knife, Thin grind, 52100/100Cr6

Chef's knife, Flat grind GYUTO, kitchen knife, Thin grind, 52100/100Cr6

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Handforged kitchen knife made in my little studio.

Traditional chef's knife/ GYUTO


Flat grind. The blade is really thin. Spine tapers from 2,7mm at heal to 1.8mm spine at the middle, 1,2mm just before the bevel starts on the tip. The thin grind means it will cut most of the veggies and meat super easily (wont wedge), but should not do deboning, cutting through bones or harder shells, different grind should be done for that. It feels like a laser cutting through stuff with almost no resistance. Downside to the thin grind is that food release is also not very good.


Handle is poplar burl, stabilized by me in multiple colors. The spacer is linen micarta. It's ocatagonaly shaped, cracks are filled with black epoxy. The finish is a mat as I'm not the biggest fan of high gloss. If you like it to have it shiny, please contact me as the handle can be buffed.

Intended use:

Multi-Purpose Kitchen knife. This means you can use them for just about every aspect of work in the kitchen. From mincing and chopping to dicing and slicing, a sharp and well-maintained gyuto knife can get the job done every time.

Overall length: 31,5 cm (12.4")
Blade length: 19 cm (7.5")
Handle length: 11 cm (4.3")
Blade thickness: 2,7mm at the handle, 2.7 in the middle, 1.2mm just before the bevel starts on the tip
Weight: 134grams (4.72 ounces)
Grind: Flat (very light convex)
Steel: 52100 or 100Cr6

If you are interested in a sheath for it, that is possible too. A wooden (Saya) or leather sheath is the option.

I do offer lifetime sharpening. You send it back to me, I will also refresh (reoil, re-etch, re-sharp, etc.) the knife when back at the workshop.

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